Kathleen P. Fulton


Time For Learning: Top 10 Reasons Why Flipping The Classroom Can Change Education

Flipping classrooms--using class time for hands-on learning and "off loading" the lecture portion of lessons as homework--is taking schools by storm.  This book provides a guide for education leaders and teachers, showing both benefits as well as caveats--as told by teachers, administrators, students and parents. Backed by powerful data and anecdotes, topics include:

  • Data on positive student outcomes in terms of achievement and motivation
  • How flipping gives teachers more time to work with students one-on-one and encourage peer learning
  • How flipping engages students in 21st century skills
  • Ways flipping is budget and resource-friendly

With this book, you can take a major step toward the future of education, utilizing technology and advanced understanding of how students learn best. 

The book will be released June 6th by Corwin Press.  For preorders, go to www.corwin.com/books/Book241999